We provide one or all of these services to our customers, using quality, commercial equipment, to care for your property.     

• Mowing

Done weekly or bi-weekly, height of cut is set for best results to benefit your lawn.


Will be done with each mowing using a line trimmer around home, garage, trees, landscaped areas, and lake shore.


This can provide a very professional look for your lawn. upon customers request, edging will be done around, driveway, sidewalk and landscaped patios.

• Blowing •

With each mowing visit, all grass clippings will be blown off of patios, walks and driveways.                                                              

• Spring/fall leaf cleanup •

It is vital for a healthy lawn to remove all leaves and debris from the lawn, before and after winter. All leaves will be blown out of areas around the home, and all landscaped areas, and vacuumed with the lawn. Hauling leaves and any debris away is available, for an additional charge. Leaves can be put on any requested spot of the customers property.

• Fertilizing •

We can use a granular fertilizer, and a liquid broad-leaf weed control, to improve and enhance your lawn. This is normally done in spring, early summer, late summer, and in the fall.

Commercial pesticide applicator – certification # 086112   license # 265254-ca

• Over Seeding •                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

We can broadcast a unique custom mixture of seed over your lawn. Sun, shade, and sun/shade mixes.

• Shrub/Tree Trimming •

Trimming of hedges can be done monthly, or at the customers request. Tree trimming and removal is also available. We have the ability to haul away anything you don’t want on your property.

• Mulch/Rock Installation •

This can be done around your home, and in landscaped areas. It will beautify your property, and help control weeds.

• Landscape Projects •

Scott’s Lawn Care is now offering landscape installs to all our residential and commercial customers. Contact us for a free estimate on any landscape improvement you have in mind for your property.

• Pressure Washing •                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Add curb appeal by cleaning the exterior of your home. We can remove any dirt, grime, and mildew that can collect on your home over time.

• Snowplowing •

We offer residential and commercial snow removal of any, driveway, parking lot, and alley. Contact us any time, day or night for your snow removal needs. We are on call 24 hours a day!

Scott’s Lawn Care is a fully insured company. We offer free estimates for all our services.

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